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All Mitch's Africa work shot in 1998 in  South Africa at the Phinda Game Lodge.  1950's Polaroid 110a P/N film developed in the bush. What makes Mitch's Africa work so unique is that the camera and film he used is no longer available.  Too this is an old 1950's polaroid camera with a gorgeous German Rodenstock lens.  The camera gives you 1 shot,. 1 chance to get that perfect shot.

After shooting each image, Mitch had to run back into the bush to find the film he had thrown from the camera. Then place negatives immediately into sodium sulphite solution for development bucket. Later that eveneing, we would wash and hang dry in his tent. All images printed on gorgeous Belgian linen. Sizes range from 8" x10"  to the dramatic 60" X 80" for a spectacular wall impression. limited edition

Elephants 1
Image 8-31-20 at 12.29 PM
Africa pink for web
Bronx Pizza 1995 Doesnt matter if you're Black or White
Bronx Pizza 1995 Doesnt matter if you're Black or White
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