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Our Services


Mitch Stone has been fortunate enough to learn from the worlds top photographers and cinematographers and it shows! Mitch’s understanding of light and composition make his photographs dynamic and eye catching, which make your brand stand out!

Sizzle Reels Video

Mitch Stone’s Sizzle Reels immediately capture the eye! Combining stunning visuals, music and graphics to quickly and affectively showcase your products. You have less than 30 seconds to engage a viewer and Mitch Stone knows how to ignite excitement and capture your audience quickly!

How to videos

Mitch Stone excels at producing insightful “how-to” videos that empower and guide viewers through fashion and beauty with finesse.


Mitch Stone’s talent for directing shines through with his expertly crafted interview videos. Mitch knows exactly how lighting affects the story and mood. He also knows how important it is to get the best performance out of his subjects and will capture the essence of the interviewee to tell a captivating story.

Corporate Videos

Mitch Stone is a master at crafting captivating corporate videos that perfectly show casethe essence of your companies mission. We bring high end professional videos to your company for use of Education, Explanation and How – Too in order to keep your clients coming back for more

Explainer Videos

Mitch Stone’s expertise lies in creating mesmerizing Explainer and How Too videos that flawlessly give your clients an immediate understanding of the products you are selling or the message you need to convey.

Photo retouching

There is nothing worse than a fake overly retouched looking image, MitchStone’s mastery of photo retouching and editing enhances every image with precision, keeping the subject natural and real looking. Retouching his subjects in order to bringing out flawless beauty in a realistic natural way is one of Mitch’s specialties .

Video Editing

Mitch Stone’s exceptional video editing skills for the fashion and beauty industry seamlessly weave together visuals, music, and effects, creating stunning masterpieces that mesmerise and inspire.

Video Ads

Everyone knows Videos capture clients faster than Still imagery. MitchStone’s powerful videos seamlessly weave together visuals, music, and effects, creating stunning masterpieces that mesmerize and inspire.


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